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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reflection on the year that (almost) been ...

I was on my way to work this morning thinking about my beautiful friend Jackson who's almost finished his HSC ! I can't believe how quick the year as flown by- it will be Xmas in 9 weeks!

Anyway it had me thinking about the Year, and what has surprisingly happened to me, without notice or warning... when i woke up on January 1st 2012 i never imagined the events that would occur this year...

So in no particular order...

  • I'd loose over 40kg 
  • I'd walk 4km over the Sydney harbor bridge 
  • I'd be an inspiration to others
  • I'd make dozens of new friends who are focused and fabulous 
  • Walk the 1000 stairs in Katoomba, and face my biggest mental challenge to date.  
  • Enter, and attempt the Raw Challenge (Ok so i only did about 5 of the 28 challenges- but i will do it again and conquer them all)
  • Walked Mt Panorama -7km in under an hour (just) and burnt 1000 cals. (watch this space for my second attempt at Mt Pan in December)
  • Signed up for more than i ever could imagined fun runs! (4 and counting)
  • LOVE exercise! (bizarre)
  • Walk 2-3km every lunch time
  • I'd start saving my life ♥

I don't remember what my New Year’s resolutions were on that day, but I'm excited to plan my 2013 resolutions :)