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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Positives, Negitives & Reflection...

So it was bound to happen after eventually .. this week i didn't loose weight - in fact i gained 1Kg.

I wrote this blog in my head many atime all day, wanting to leave a reminder for myself of how i feel today. Knowing the reason for no loss is not down to food  (i aced at 1200 cals a day -only went over 150 cal in total over the week) it has to be the fact i didn't exercise once this week.


So I'm going to read back the past 3 weeks for blog posts, and remind myself why it's important to exercise.

But that's all the ear bashing I'm going to give myself today. I've had an emotional week for many reasons, and i didn't cave into eating like the old me would of. no toast, or pasta or pizza or especially ice cream. So rather than dwelling on the negatives of this week, I'm going to say it was a positive week of making good food choices even under stress, and emotional fueled feelings. 

GO ME!!!

-11KG ! in 23 Days !  

Usually I'd add a photo from my week , but today i wanted to add this photo memory. 
It's from almost a year a go, to the day .
My best friends and i at a restaurant having lunch after a hard day shopping . 
We are in Hitchin, UK
I ate a burger and fries. 

My life is so different now. it's amazing what a difference you can make in just 12 months.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Goodbye week 3 -hello week 4!

I can't believe that we are about to see the beginning of week 4. It's gone so quickly and it almost seams to easy so far.

We are enjoying the food, we are getting used to the change in organisation, and we are facing exercise demons head on next week!

Weekends are usually a weak point for people trying new lifestyle changes. I'm really proud of us this weekend being prepared before leaving the house. Bec packed us a picnic of sandwich, water and fruit and after dropping off our special delivery, we found a nice spot next to the lake and ate lunch.

The best part of my weekend was sitting on a bench in front of the most spectacular sunset at Nords Wharf with my Wife. Bliss.

Have a great week!

First meal we cooked for mum from the 12wbt menu

My love

My new work buddy Mikale

Flowers ready to be created <3

Mid creation ...

Catherine Hill Bay -Beach

Nordes Wharf Sunset

New Glasses :)


so still... we want to live here

The first desert we made from the menu

It melted my heart

My new HRM :)

New toes

drying berries ... see my post about them here
Easter Daisies at home
tonight dinner - lamb and cauliflower mash

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's in her face...

I embarked on a weight loss effort in 2009 -2010. I was replacing 2-3 meals with Protein shakes.
While i lost 40Kg in this time- it was unrealistic to think i could "drink " my meals for the rest of my life, and of corse i slipped up- became bored and complacent and spiraled back to bad food choices, and eventually put the 40kg back on plus 5kg more!

The thing i LOVE about the 12WBT  is it's good food choices that keep me surprised every week.  i look forward to getting the weekly meal plans, and seeing what the week ahead will be.  everything is fresh food, interesting food, and never boring! i know this time i will be able to loose the weight and more importantly keep it off!

Back in 2009 i started taking photos of my face to show the progress of my weight loss, as i noticed it was in my face you noticed the changed the most. So now I've found my perfect lifestyle change- i want to do the same thing. I've unfortunately thought of this 3 weeks to late- so my first photo from week one is a blown up body shot cropped of my face and a bit blurry! opps! but going forward each month they will be better.

I'm actually really looking forward to see the physical changes,and eventually maintaining the loss. i know i will see it in my new face :)

Happy Thursday!

weight loss on Protein shakes

First week of 12WBT -03.06.12

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dear Rach V1

... I'm Proud of you.  Remember this moment. it feels so good. :)

Love ME xx

Wedensday weigh in & the week that was....

So first things first....

I woke, wee'd and weighed... and a smile was assured- my total loss to date (day 17)

-12 KG !!!


I'm Beside myself with excitement!  it's been a REALLY lazy week to be honest- not much exercise at all. It's an odd thing .. week one i was so sick - yet i was up at 5am every morning exercising .. this week i just can't do it! 

I've got used to the early nights- i go to bed when my body tells me instead of fighting to stay awake to watch 

I'm not going to beat myself up to much - I'm going to hold my head high, rejoice in 12Kg loss, and get on with it. 

Things to work on this coming week are :-
  • Meditation in the morning as well as at night
  • Exercise
  • Organisation
On a side note I'm so looking forward to fitting into more of my winter clothes... only 5kg more and i think I'll be wearing tailored pants again :)

BIG thank you to my lovely work friend Peta for going on my first lunch time walk with me this week. I'm proud of myself for doing it. we walked 1KM in 12 Mins 54 sec! can't wait to be telling you how much I've improved those details :)

I was humbled by my friends on FB and in life this week when i posted about how shocked i was to only drink 100mls of my favorite Shiraz on the weekend... "sad Shiraz" 100mls =200 Cals! arrghhh. i had a little moment of feeling alot of love from my friends the positivity in which they all encourage me. i just love you all for it. i know in coming weeks i will need you all more to lean on xx

A random find this pretty are these vegetables!
Thai pumpkin soup- My favorite meal this week (i think, so hard to choose!)

Peta and My walk this week! looks like we walked so far :)

My Beautiful desk plant from Peta.. i LOVE Hyacinth

Goodbye old glasses- it's been a great 6 years...

Laksa this week... close second favorite.

Prawn Pad Thai ..nom nom  :)

New purchase found in a cute store in Ettalong on the weekend :)
My "sad" 100ml of red wine on Saturday night :(
Without inspiration this change would be a hard one x

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Remebering how we used to eat...

Yesterday Bec and i found ourselves out at lunch time, for the first time since starting the 12WBT. "how about subway?" i said.. "I'm sure there was that dude in America that lost heaps of weight eating just subway, wasn't there?"
Flash forward to us sitting in the car outside subway converting Kilojoules to calories... Well 10 min's later ...  the answer is clearly a resounding no! The lowest calorie item at subway was a vegetarian 6inch sub and was over our allowable calorie allocation for that meal! so home we went, and ate some of our 12WBT Lasagna left overs. (yum)

After lunch we sat outside on our deck having a chat and the subject of the calorie intake in subway  came up (which we never really ever ate before) and then quickly turned to fast food we did use to enjoy alot of when we were not giving a second thought to what we were eating we used to eat a heap of crap-and it's no wonder to us that we are in the state we are in. A typical weekend of at home for us would see us eating chips and ice cream, chocolate and pizza... eerrghhh .. it makes me sick just thinking about it now.

Curiosity got the better of us, and we had to know on average on a weekend how many calories we would indulge in. What I'm about to share with you now is horribly disgusting- BUT as part of my transformation i want to be as honest about my lifestyle, because i want to be held accountable for my bad food choices I've made in the past- as much as i holding myself responsible now for the good ones I'm making.

The food of choice to pick on is McDonald's (sorry MacDonald's lovers -you may want to skip the rest of this post) OK -so we all know "Maccas"  is bad for you - there's little to no nutrition in 90% of the food- but no matter what size we are, we all go for the connivance of maccas -and even for some the taste.
When i used to go to Maccas a typical order would be :-
Quarter pounder with cheese -549
Large fries -454
Large Sprite (or diet coke) 210
Large hot fudge sundae - 533
and sometimes 5 nuggets(shared 10 pack with bec) and mayo. -321
Becs  would get :-
Large big mac  -493
Large fries -454
Large coke (or sprite) 232
Large strawberry sundae 411
shared nuggets and mayo. -321

Total calories for my meal ....  2067 Calories
Total calories for Becs meal....1911 Calories

O....M....G !

Now those of you that count calories now that as women we eat 1200 a day... A DAY!  These meals were a dinner or lunch and we were eating almost 2 days worth of calories in ONE MEAL..

The calorie search continued for our favorite snacks.. 
Smiths Original chips - 175gm bag= 914 Calories (!!!!) that's over 3 meals worth of calories!!!
Cadburys boost bar -77gm=402 calories

It just got worse the more we looked for the foods we used to eat... We had to stop looking because it was making us feel sick. The food we were eating had no nutritional value and wasn't making us feel full so we'd eat more. It just all tastes crap that's no good for our bodies. It really made us appreciate the amazing food we've been eating in the past 2 weeks. The new recipes we've learnt to cook, and we are excited to cook for our friends and family.

Even if your reading this and your not doing the 12WBT -i encourage you to look at what your eating, and make good food choices, and FEED your body. listen to what it needs. I know we feel so much better for discovering how bad the food we used to eat was for us. it's made us stronger people, and if nothing it's driven us forward to the new healthy us that is emerging.

Week 3 starts tomorrow - and I'm excited for weigh in Wednesday! I'm going to up my exercise this week as it's the only part I'm not doing so well.

Have a great Monday ! :)

Picture :-

Mcdonalds Nutrition values from :-
Other Calories taken from

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday....

So today I smashed my first goal of 5Kg weight loss!
I'm never going back ...NEVER!
That is all !



My daily ritual now of small latte, Large green tea and Berocca :)


Week Two, Day Two....

I’ve been a bit relaxed in updating my blog. It was a busy week.
So how did my first week go? Well better than expected, but worse than it could of.

I didn’t burn 500 cals a day … and over the long weekend I couldn’t bring myself to make that up either.  But on the plus side- and possibly a more challenging one- I’m happily sticking to the meal plan, and really quiet enjoying it. I’m starting to feel like food is for nutrition and not just forsaking it as “something to do when your bored”

RachV-1 used to eat for the sake of it, and never actually think about what was going in my mouth.  RachV-2 on the other hand is wise to the fact that when there’s something going in- something must go out! …Now I’m not thick or stupid, of corse I’ve always realised that when you eat you must expel. But not necessarily in the way that I’m “getting it” now!
I’m understanding that if I eat 500cals of food I must burn that off through exercise, no amount of couch sitting is going to see me turn from a “king Edward potato to a Desiree Potato”
I plan on going from unhealthy and messy King Edward to a smaller more polished Desiree. Realistic goals!
So my biggest flaws last week were letting my extra early morning get in the way of exercising – but I need to be sensible. Getting up at 5am each day to exercise is fine, but when you have to leave at 4:30am to drive to the Flower Markets- getting up at 3am to exercise is NOT ok… I will work on the exercise.

Speaking of exercise- I asked my self a question this week…. “Will I ever WANT to exercise?”  ….will I ever want to do it so much it’s a NEED that I can’t get through my day without?  A lovely friend of mine Renee pointed out a few things to me in response to this question… and I adore it so much I’ve typed it up and look at it everyday … 

You need to treat it like everything else in your life you don't want to do, but you have to... 

Like washing - if you don’t you have no clean underwear.
Like going to work - if you don’t you can’t save up for cool things like holidays and pay your bills.
If you don’t exercise, you wont be energetic and full of life,
  • your skin wont glow,
  • your hair wont shine,
  • your clothes wont fit,
  • you will have no motivation to leave the couch ever,
  • you will be tempted to eat unhealthy food,
  • you wont get to feel the fresh air on your face

You won’t transform!
No truer words have been spoken… I will want to exercise some day, and I will love it. I just know I will.  
So tomorrow is Weigh in Wednesday and I hopeful to reach my first goal of kissing goodbye to 5kg. One sleep …and I’ll know …

This week I :-
Saw the opening of the new office
Made a mountain of flowers into beautiful arrangements for the new office
Defeated several cupcakes on 2 separate occasions in the office
Defeated birthday cake in the office
Exercised even when I didn't want to 
Got up earlier than I ever have before several days in a  row
Ate amazing food all cooked by Bec :)
Ate a yummy dinner made by Renee :)
Made a new friend in the mirror
Ate dinner with my bestie
Died my hair 
Missed my mum 
Cleaned my home office -so I can actually work in it!
Watched WAY to many episodes of Nikita whilst having a doona day
Enjoyed my life more

 Things that made me smile this week.....

Sunday, June 3, 2012

12WBT Fitness results {honesty moment}

Ok so I'm not excited or proud to be posting these results....but- It's important for me to remember that I've not exercised in around a year -and i did try my best! [ I also figure that the worse they are now the better they'll look when i smash them!]

So this is the first of many fitness tests . done monthly to see my improvements.

  • Walk/Run 1km  -14.33 [aiming for 10 next month]
  • How many push ups in 10 mins -7 [double for next month]
  • Sit ups... well i couldn't even do the first set... Wah! 
  • The wall sit.... 54 little seconds?!
  • Sit and reach not to shabby for someone with my mid section!


The Week That's Been. {A fresh start}

It's been a big week in my world. Last monday it was 7 little days till -Day one.Week one on the 12WBT, and all this happened [in no particular order]

I got the flu
Bec got the mumps [so we thought]
Doctors appointments and blood tests
SD weddings and getting lost delivering them
My Nephew turned 3 [where has the time gone]
Time off work due to not knowing about the mumps & flu
The 12WBT fitness test done and dusted
All the pre season tasks completed
Packed up and moved upstairs in my office for 4 days
Packed up and moved to a new office across the road
Cleaned out my kitchen cupboards
Cooked yummy soup
Ate yummy soup
Lunch & chats with my bestie 
Shopped for 12WBT essentials
Learnt to use a HRM for the first time [sort of]
Exercised for the first time in a year... [yup!]
Got organised for the week ahead
Bought a printer [wooot!]
Cleaned out about 10 handbags that have been used in the past 2 years
Measured myself and took "before" photos
Made a gift for my girl Jess
Got up at 5:30am every morning and drank hot lemon and herbal tea
Went to the flower markets
Watched the sunset on Terrigal beach on Saturday Morning with my wife
Wrote my blog post :)

The week ahead is going to be scary and exciting.full of up's and downs.
If i get through tomorrow i know the rest will be easy. I start my first day in a new office I've never seen- and i start the first day of the 12WBT.

I'll be up at 5am for an hour of cardio before breakie and work.

Look out world Rach V2 is on her way !!

Things that made me smile this week...

Sunrise on Terrigal Beach
My Nikes -ready to go !

Sunday Breakfast with My Girl at home
A photo i took in Germany last year- i posted on Fb to cheer up some special girls today :)

A reminder to keep it real -and give it a go.

Favorite thing we bought this weekend :)

Throw Bouquet from the wedding I made this week.

I'm in the "make it happen" category !

Our chalkboard wall at home with our menus, and tasks list for the week.

A book i found!

My tracker maps the 1km walk i did along the forshore at 7am on Saturday morning :) im proud of myself