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Monday, August 20, 2012

Final week of round 2... goodbye RachV-1 !

Week 12…. You’re finally here!!!
…and yet it feels like it could be only week 2. I think one of the strangest things about this change of life, this transformation –is time. It felt like it stopped, yet moved so quickly.

Last week I signed up for 12wbt Round 3 2012. It will be my second round. Round 3 2012.

I’m going to nail the exercise ( now that I’m a pro at food) I’m feeling so much fitter than I was 12 weeks ago, so I know I can bring so much more to my healthy changes in the next 3 months!

In 2 days I’m off to Cairns with Work and extending it to a weekend holiday, and for the first time in my “dieting” life i don’t feel nervous. Holidays are usually the undoing of everything good. But this one won’t be because the changes I’ve done have been permanent changes to my lifestyle’s and not just “a diet I will try till I get bored”
I feel knowledgeable, pumped, and raring to move into the next chapter of “the amazing shrinking woman”!!

So what did I do in the last 12 weeks ? a re-cap if you like…

  • I started walking at lunch time at work – almost every day 2km
  • I started walking on the waterfront in the mornings –almost every day 2km
  • I made good food choices. Swapping sour cream for natural yogurt, swapping heavy takeaway pizza for homemade 300cal pizza…
  • I ate some of the most amazing meals in my life, like Penang Chicken, seafood laksa, banana brucetta & beef with Mustard mushroom sauce.
  • I dropped 2 dress sizes! I’m now floating between a 22/24 from a 28 J
  • I gained a new mentality, by setting S.M.A.R.T goals and achieving them , and when I didn’t I tried again.
  • I’m excited about exercising now… (Remember this post ? ) not only do I now want to exercise, about I ENJOY it !
  • I’m noticing little things like how it feels to sit in the car – putting a seat belt on with one hand, moving the steering wheel closer , and I’m now a happy passenger, and don’t feel like I’m shoved in the seat.
  • I can sit with my legs folded in front of me, and I can even cross my legs! (it’s the little things!)’
  • I inspired people (still find that a weird concept
  • I ran for the first time
  • I did my first ever VLog
  • Made my mum and sister and Partner proud
  • I lost 26Kg (as of last Wednesday) in 2 days I will do my last weigh in for round 2, and record my start weight for round 3

Most importantly I started to save my life.

My goals for round 3 are:-
  • Loose another 30Kg
  • Increase my fitness levels
  • Participate in a fun run
  • Climb the skillion at Terrigal
  • Continue to be fabulous!
Re-capping my overall goals

  • Be able to ice-skate
  • Be able to roller skate
  • Climb the 1000 stairs in VIC
  • Go go-carting
  • Wear clothes that reflect who I am on the inside
  • Have the confidence to sing on a stage again.

Well that’s it for me for Round 2 – I will do a quick update on my weight loss Wednesday If I can – I will be flying out of Sydney Cairns bound at 6am Wednesday morning for some fun in the sun, when I return home- round 3 begins and I will have a renewed energy- I want to SMASH this weight loss and I’m so excited I can’t wait!!!

It's officially time to say good bye to Rach-V1 - and hello to Rach V2 . I'm proud to say the old me is officially gone, the only way is forwards, onwards and upwards... and to JFDI !!!

Warners Bay Foreshore last weekend :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 11 & Irony

So here we are in week 11.. yup week 11! only 2 weeks left of last Wednesday i lost 25kg... I'm really sure i can make it to 30kg by end of week 12 . fingers crossed!

I wanted to document a feeling I've had the last few times I've done my lunch time walk .
Something written for me to remember in months and years to come.

It dawned on me last week when going on said lunch time walk, that in fact walk past Gregory & Carr funeral directors at Gordon- it's 2 blocks up from my new work building....

The ironic thing about this story are the facts you need to know about this funeral directors.

To begin we need to go back over 35 years. My Dad was in his late 20's working at said business, with 2 men-whom unbeknown to him when he accepted the job -he would be working with his future father in law and brother in law. That the older of  those men would introduce him and the younger man to his 2 Daughters, that they would both marry the daughters- and that in a few years time he would have his second child Rachel Jane.

Flash forward 33 Years and Rachel now walks past this very same funeral directors everyday - now walking to save her life. Ironic because it's a funeral directors. Ironic because of all the streets in all of Sydney my new work building should fall on this street. Ironic because every time i walk past the building and think of the dear souls that are housed within it's walls - that one day i may be there myself, but not now. not in 10 years time, hopefully not even in 30 years time  ....because right now I'm saving my soul from the walls of a funeral home.

I'm Saving My Life.

Here's to week 11. Here's to every walk i take and every breath i take. right now I'm being the best i can be to be here a lot longer.

Happy Monday xx

Photo: Lunchtime walk never felt so good! 󾬔
Walking the streets in my shoes of awesomness :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saving My Life...

This week in the 12WBT we could make a Vlog (video blog) so i did!

here it is in all it's proud-ness and embarrassing-ness.

My Progress so far ...