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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mount Panorama - Take 2!

If your a regular reader of my blog - you'll of read this . It was the first time i climbed Mother Mountain, and last Sunday i climbed it again.  Hot Lap of Mt Pan Take 2!

It feels as long as it looks!!

It was the Mini milestone for 12WBT week 4 round 4 and i smashed that mountain i beat my previous time of 1 hour 31 Min's 39 seconds  by 14 Min's and 15 seconds! So much more than i hoped! i would of been  happy with 30 seconds better cause it just means I've improved my fitness!


A PB and a new Time to beat ! YAY!

Stats for this time round were :-
6km in 1:17:24 burning  780 Calories!

I had a fabulous weekend at Bathurst sharing the mountain with old friends and making new ones.  There was 20 of us that walked together in total, and for most of them it was the first time they'd walked the hot lap.  i think each and every one of them plan to do it again! i can't wait...
I'm biting at the bit to get to the 1 hour time !!

View from our room at dusk on saturday


Staying at the Rydges on the Track for the first time was a bit hoot! the hotel was amazing, and the staff so accommodating having a big group drinking cocktails on a Saturday night, so many laughs, and so much fun!

The start Line! and we're off!!  Me and My shoes can do anything!             

Dianna was such an inspiration- she's lost 55Kg on 12WBT, and she ran and walked the mountain carrying 30Kg in weights!!

     I made it to the top!                        Running down- the end is in sight!     JUMPING over the finish line!

Those of us officially doing the 4th Round of 12WBT, posed for a photo to summit an entry for the 4 week mini milestone. we didn't win, but we don't care! we had such a great day!

On my drive back to Sydney I stopped in at a cute boutique in Bathurst- lets be honest i could of bought everything in the shop! But one little ring caught my eye and had to be mine- it was my gift to me for smashing that mountain!

It seeked me out, and spoke to me-
"paradise is where i am",  "passion", "peace", "magic", "joy", "create", "imagination", "life", "love", and most importantly "infinite courage".


 Counting down the days till the next hot lap :)
The 21 of us that conquered the hot lap !


  1. Thanks Rach for sharing your story. I always enjoy reading your blog posts

    I have nominated you for a blog award