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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Girl in the Mirror..

Who is the girl in the Mirror i see?

I was standing in the bathroom at work this afternoon and I looked at myself in the mirror and I noticed the first time I was looking at my body and not my face. Yes I am one of those girls that always avoids looking at herself in the mirror at all costs -especially undressed.

Today I found myself for the first time in my life, really looking at how I look not just my face not just my hair not thinking i need an eyebrow wax, or gee your lips look dry actually looking at my body, it's shape and how it's changed.

Today when I looked at the girl in the mirror I see a girl that is 21 kg lighter than she was eight weeks ago. I see a girl carrying a handbag that forever in her mind will remind her of the first 10kg she lost. I see a girl wearing a dress that 8 weeks ago was way too tight to wear. I see a girl that has sagging neck skin from loosing so much face weight-but is PROUD to have it. I see a girl with a face that could do with a facial- and now I've reached my 20Kg loss goal will get one. Most importantly i see a girl who is a happier person. I see a smile in my eyes and a deep comfort that things can only get better. I see a girl who is truly happy for the first time in a long time, a girl that just can't wait to see just how much better she will look in a years time.

Today I looked at the girl in the mirror and i learned a very valuable lesson, thanks to my new 12WBT mindset I've learnt to love that girl in the Mirror just a little bit more than I did yesterday.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hello Week 8 ...

It's been 2 weeks since I've blogged.. and in those 2 weeks I've thought of a million things to blog about and never got the chance. Work has been busy, SD is busy too - but most of my spare time is spent walking and jogging and planning meals, and being fabulous!:)

So many things have changed in 8 weeks... the most exciting is the 17kg that I've donated to the world :) 

So here's a few things I've wanted to blog (in no particular order)

I've decided i want to ice-skate again :)
I want to run the stairs up the Terrigal Skillion and just take in the view
I want to be able to buy clothes at coles (weird want i know but the clothes are cute and cheap!)
I want to loose 3 more kg to get to 20 kg total next weigh in.
I want new funky Trainers
I want to inspire and encourage others to realise their healthy lifestyle dreams
I want SD to succeed, and be stand alone.
I want to see my Nieces and Nephews
I want to be the best i can be.
I want to wear clothes that are true to my personality and who i really am

Well i may have to wait to achieve a few of these... but a few i have this week.

New trainers -Tick
Inspired people -Tick

So i had a funny yet boring experience at an athletic store on Thursday night- i was fitted for new trainers- and my feet are big and wide.. so guess what the only runners for me a mens and grey. BORING!! i spent $250 on them, and felt crap about it all.
One of the girls in the 30+Crew FB group said something that sticked the other day "you have to love your trainers" ....Well today Bec and i went to Paul's and we got the "ol buy one get one free" .. and look at the babies i brought home!!!

I'm in LOVE ! can't wait to show my new shoes the water front tomorrow morning :) ♥

Today a very random -yet wonderful thing happened. Bec and i were shopping in Typo when we got an  "excuse me.. but i think we met on line" hehehe it was one of the lovely 12WBT-ers! what a great surprise! it was so nice to meet someone on this lifestyle change like us :)

She said something that will remain with me forever- and she possibly doesn't realise ... "your such an inspiration" ... who me? i thought . an inspiration? a weight loss inspiration? Me ?  over lunch bec and i spoke about it- i felt really silly -like a fraud? then i had some time to myself tonight so I've had time to think about it. I've lost 17KG ! 17...Kilo's! I AM an inspiration to myself, to bec, to my mum, to my best friend and to my lovely random fellow typo shopper.

My Name is Rach Bellwood. I've lost 17 Kgs in 7 weeks. and I am an inspiration.

...................................... imagine when I've lost 50kg  :) 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This is what happiness feels like...

Dear Rach-V2 ,

When your feeling like you want to give up - read this post and remember how amazing you feel today!
Today your one month measurements were done and you've lost a total of  50.5cm !!!
and.... Remember the email from Mich you got today and the post you put on FB

OMG! I just got an email from mish! The percentage I've lost so far has placed me in top 15% of all the 12wbt-ers!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!!
 That's right 15 % of  ALL the 12WBT-ers!!! that's EPIC!
Love Rach- V1

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week four fitness test ....and a proud moment..

So the very exciting fitness test was up this week. Same as we did in pre-tasks before starting the 12WBT. {read my post here}

After 4 weeks on 12WBT I'm 11kg down (at last weigh in) and as you can see below i smashed my results this week! I think it was so obvious to me how different I felt in this fitness test- I can tell the small improvements already.
Now I'm SO excited for the week 8 fitness test to see how much more I can smash the week one results :)

My goal for week 8 is 1kn in 9 Minutes!

My Proud moment for this weeks fitness test was that I jogged the last 200m. It may not seam like much to alot of people, but for me it was a first, and i'm SO proud of me! 

Next time I'm going to jog 400m. and who knows by week12 I might jog the whole kilometre! (That seams like an odd concept for me)