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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Feel, caress, be aware of, explore, be convinced, believe, appear, resemble, consider, sense, bleed for, try, test, endure, enjoy, have, finish, surface, fancy, desire, pity, vibes, grope, fumble, finger, paw, strike, air, ambiance, quality, impression, feeling.... (Sorce -The Collins thesaurus)

Every feeling, every emotion, every movement is with great purpose right now. 

I'm walking through liquid, sticky, unsteady Marshmallow with a dense fog hanging above.

I feel sad

I feel overwhelmed

I feel unsure

I feel like the future holds something wonderful

I feel like my chest is so heavy i will fall over

I feel like I've run out of tears, and then they flow

I feel guilt for the moments when I feel happy, glad, when I Laugh/smile or in a moment of optimism

I feel honest with others, but not myself.

I feel lonely, when I'm in a room full of people

I feel proud of my self, often but not always

I feel robbed of an oppourtunity to change

I feel like i had the opportunity to change but i ignored it

I feel healthier than i did 6 months ago

I feel empowered  (some days)

I feel lost
I feel heart-broken

I feel defeated

I feel guilty for my past

I feel ownership of my mistakes

I feel exhausted

I feel grateful for friendships, near and far

I feel .... and it hurts

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