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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's in my head...

Head shit is the worst. It harder to loose than weight. Yup that's right- HARDER. 

It's been an epic few weeks in the life of me... For a lot of reasons, mostly because certain situations have had me looking deeper at my head noise & for me that can often be destructive. 

It's made me stop. Pause. Be still tonight. Reflect. Enjoy & smile. 

Am I happy ? 
For the most part yes I am. I am happy right now, but I'm human & an Aries :/ so yes I over think all the time, turn ok into bad, bad into mad, mad into destructive. 

There's a pain in my head that's not physical.... It's mental. It's a pain that the new me can make disappear. With great thought & meditation, relaxation & rationalization. 

It's a work in progress. I AM a work in progress. 2 steps forward ... 1/2 a step back, 1 step sideways & I'm back on track. 

Tomorrow is a brand new day. 

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