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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A day I commited to change

What a beautiful morning it was today!

Our usual morning consist of getting up showering, dressing and running out the door with no breakfast, and still usually running late!

Today started at 6am and by 7am Bec and I were sitting on the deck -it was a fresh 9 degrees. I breathed in the morning air and ate my breakfast, taking in the view, that's been there as long as I've lived in my house (over 3 years now) but i very rarely stop to notice it, and take it all in and appreciate the wonder and beauty within it.  The mountains with mist floating by- the flock of Cockatoos flying by it's just magical.
My Mountain View this morning

Today I did 2 things for myself . for my inside and my outside....

1. I pressed the big button! ... I'm officially a member of the 12WBT Team ! How exciting :)
2. I booked an eye exam (long over due)

Something I struggled with today was curbing the urge to scream and yell at my computer (by proxy of the customer) As a debt collector i get to see first hand just how rude, dumb, and crazy people are - not to mention the excuses they come up with!  Tomorrow I will concentrate harder on being calm at work.

It seams the fever of the 12WBT is growing I may of convinced a co -worker to join me on the program YAY! And my lovely friend Renee has added me to her FB 12WBT support group and I'm already feeling the love :)

11 days till blast off !

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