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Friday, May 25, 2012


Dear Rach-V1

I saw your reflection in the mirror last night . You were at the shops in the shoe section of BigW.
You sat down, and turned your head to the mirror
You looked like someone else. like an old woman "other" people stare at.

You don't ever have to see that reflection again if you stick to your plans of change. Give it EVERYTHING you have. be the stronger, braver woman i know you can be!

I Believe in YOU !

Love Rach- V2


  1. I have every faith in you darling and alongside my own life changing goals I will try and do all i can to support you to help you achieve your goals and help you look at your reflection and see the beauty that is there on the inside and out .... You go get em pickle !!

  2. Speak your heart - when we speak our truth from the heart - we change the world with light. When we argue from ego we expose our darkness - speaking from our heart we shine the light we all have within us. Nothing is more compelling and moving than an open heart expressing courageous truth. ♥