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Monday, September 24, 2012

22.09.12 Walking Mount Panorama - Week 4 Mini Milestone

For Week 4 of Round 3 Michelle Bridges asked us to get together with other 12WBT'ers and stretch your limits, go that bit extra & to try something you've not done before.

So with an invite from some fabulous girls for the 30+ Crew i was off to Mount Panorama- for a "Hot Lap"

What a ball we had! it was hard i won't lie- the first 3KM of uphill walking was H.A.R.D -but it made the 1km jog down the hill that i did worth every step going up worth it! I LOVE TO JOG!

I DID IT!! and i really did love all of it in hindsight- and yes i will do it again :)

We entered in the weekly comp. so fingers cross our group effort will see us as winners :)

I walked just under 7km, and burnt 1000 Cals (my first SSS) in 1 hour 30 Mins - i now have a time to beat!!

I did this for me, for saving my life - and i did it for Dad- for old times sake, for memories & for the hell of it. My mind told me i couldn't do it- but i didn't listen to it and i achieved far beyond my expectations!

It was an amazing feeling!

On the bathroom Wall at the MP Musem :)
At the start line and we're off!!
What awaiting me around the first bend- it was scarier than it looks!
And around the next corner!! Errghhh
Looking back for just a second!

I tried to concentrate on pretty flowers!
Almost at the top -the Mount Panorama sign in in sight!
And i made it!!
The View for the top is sweet!
Brock's Skyline -awesome !
I can see the Building that we started our walk from!
Megan & I on the top of the mount!!

 Finished off the day with a few medicine ball crunches :)
30+ Crew girls -Janine, Megan & I after the walk...we did it!!
The entire team that did the walk ...what an awesome day!

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