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Monday, September 17, 2012

My First Entered Run - sydney Harbour Bridge 16.09.12

It's been a while since I posted - but what better way to make a come back.  At the end of last round it was a really busy time-  I went to Cairns for work on the last day.  I've been going really strong in Round 3 2012 and lost 7KG in 3 weeks :)

Yesterday i entered my VERY FIRST fun run! 4KM over the Sydney Harbour bridge. Just entering was a scary thing for me to do - I was determined to enter months ago, started training and waking 2-3Km each lunch time at work - but i never entered because of fear!  With a little help from the 12 WBT clan i decided to enter the day before, just in the nick of time.

I was so nervous- but as soon as we got to Bradfield park the nerves eased a bit, and then came back and powered me off to a great start!  It was really emotional jogging out the bridge.. i had a bit of a tear- i really can't believe that in 4 short months of my new lifestyle here i am running over the Harbour bridge... SO weird, and I'm just loving it- and I'm so excited to see what the next few months brings me :)

I beat My PB split/lap times. 1km in 8:44 min /  2km in 9:00 min / 3km in 9:07 min. Making my 4km in 35:22.

The official times are in!!

I came 1661 out of 2,962 Females  & 30002 out of 5,197 in total ! Also my finishing time was Average :)

I'm so proud of Bec & I, I could burst, and i can't wait to enter next year-and maybe do the 10KM .


The track i ran :)

Leaving home-  on our way to the city
Bec at Bradfield Park
me at Bradfield Park
About to step onto the Bridge
Selfie on the bridge
Looking hot and Bothered...but ENJOYING it so much !
I did It!!!!!
I got a medal !!!! My FIRST Medal of many to come :)
Couldn't of done it without you my pretties :)

SO proud of Bec- she did an awesome job of whooping my arse!


  1. Firstly congratulations on your run. What an achievement, and what a great setting to do it in. And secondly congratulations on your wonderful blog win.


    1. Thankyou carol for your lovely words :) x