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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hello Week 8 ...

It's been 2 weeks since I've blogged.. and in those 2 weeks I've thought of a million things to blog about and never got the chance. Work has been busy, SD is busy too - but most of my spare time is spent walking and jogging and planning meals, and being fabulous!:)

So many things have changed in 8 weeks... the most exciting is the 17kg that I've donated to the world :) 

So here's a few things I've wanted to blog (in no particular order)

I've decided i want to ice-skate again :)
I want to run the stairs up the Terrigal Skillion and just take in the view
I want to be able to buy clothes at coles (weird want i know but the clothes are cute and cheap!)
I want to loose 3 more kg to get to 20 kg total next weigh in.
I want new funky Trainers
I want to inspire and encourage others to realise their healthy lifestyle dreams
I want SD to succeed, and be stand alone.
I want to see my Nieces and Nephews
I want to be the best i can be.
I want to wear clothes that are true to my personality and who i really am

Well i may have to wait to achieve a few of these... but a few i have this week.

New trainers -Tick
Inspired people -Tick

So i had a funny yet boring experience at an athletic store on Thursday night- i was fitted for new trainers- and my feet are big and wide.. so guess what the only runners for me a mens and grey. BORING!! i spent $250 on them, and felt crap about it all.
One of the girls in the 30+Crew FB group said something that sticked the other day "you have to love your trainers" ....Well today Bec and i went to Paul's and we got the "ol buy one get one free" .. and look at the babies i brought home!!!

I'm in LOVE ! can't wait to show my new shoes the water front tomorrow morning :) ♥

Today a very random -yet wonderful thing happened. Bec and i were shopping in Typo when we got an  "excuse me.. but i think we met on line" hehehe it was one of the lovely 12WBT-ers! what a great surprise! it was so nice to meet someone on this lifestyle change like us :)

She said something that will remain with me forever- and she possibly doesn't realise ... "your such an inspiration" ... who me? i thought . an inspiration? a weight loss inspiration? Me ?  over lunch bec and i spoke about it- i felt really silly -like a fraud? then i had some time to myself tonight so I've had time to think about it. I've lost 17KG ! 17...Kilo's! I AM an inspiration to myself, to bec, to my mum, to my best friend and to my lovely random fellow typo shopper.

My Name is Rach Bellwood. I've lost 17 Kgs in 7 weeks. and I am an inspiration.

...................................... imagine when I've lost 50kg  :) 


  1. Hello Rach Bellwood.

    You ARE an inspiration!

  2. You should be SOOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!
    And I'm so happy to hear you say "you're an inspiration to yourself"
    What a profound statement, I don't think I've ever been able to say that to myself! Besides the little 17kgs lost (tongue in cheek) you should also be proud of being able to be so honest with yourself and all those who love you!
    I love you and I love that you love you too! Kraan

  3. P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your shoes :)

  4. My shoes are the bomb aren't they! hahaha

  5. You are an inspiration to your sister as well ! More proud of you everyday. Oxox
    Please send me some of your strength and determination :-)

    1. My beautiful big sis. i can't send you strength or determination...but i can promise you this - when the time is right for you. you will suceed in your own lifestyle changes. when you want it enough, when your ready i know you will do it.

      just like me, you can save your life

      i love you