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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Out with the old & in with the NEW ...

What a day it's been!! It was the last day of round 4 2012!  and i didn't waist it my sitting around.... i spent it at Olympic Park at the Colour run -See my post and pics here  Tomorrow is day 1 of round 1 2013 :)
YUP I'm signed up to round 1 2013 thanks to one of my earth Angels... i will be forever grateful - you 30+ crew girls are like family. I love you all xx

So what is my plan ? What are my commitments? What are my goals ?

Round 1 2013 is ALL about exercise... why ? cause my body told me so! all i can think about lately is exercise, i go for 3-4km walk at lunch each day at work , I've signed up for 10 week Cardio boxing class, and committed to 2 pump classes a week....BUT  starting tomorrow I'm going to attempt to stick to the programs daily exercises supplied as well, shamefully i admit I've never done it !


Clean eating
Open mind

There are 3 people that have asked for my assistance in keeping them on track this round, and in return i know they will help me aswell.

Christine, Tracey &  Shelley ... I'm committing to pushing you when your slack, Reminding you of your long as you commit to kicking my butt too!!

To Myself,  I'm committing to a BIG change this round ... it just feels like something big is going to happen for me in the next 3 months .. socially and health wise is a HUGE 3 months, so i need to be strong, healthy, mindful, strong and organised!

20 Kg loss - rounding me up to a 70kg total loss in one year!
Improved fitness, measured my fitness tests.
To enter EVERY 12wbt weekly surprise.
Climb Mount Pan again
Blog more
Vlog more
Listen more

Learn so much from people around me and study with Emazon.

Exciting things happening this round.....
I will celebrate my 34th birthday being the THINNEST & HEALTHIEST I've ever been in memory!
5 days in Brisbane for the Emazon convention
Celebrate my Nieces first birthday & christening
All this PLUS sell my house, pack and move, and have 3 weddings on my books for my business..
It's going to be a HUGE 3 months!

Well that's it! I've shopped, planned the weeks menu, and even prepped veg, and all my breakfasts for the week, clothes are all washed, gym kit packed. I am GOOD TO GO!

Last but by no means least

I'm thrilled to share the below photo... i am a week late with this comparison this round , but i actually had lost the pants and only found them today! although i lost the smallest amount this round since starting my lifestyle change 9 months ago (6kg) i do see such a difference, and it made me SO happy to put this mash up together! i can't wait till i can get a second person in those pants !!

These pants didn't fit me 9 months ago! They are non-stretchy, waistband, and zip work pants. This BLOWS me away! I'm so proud of me :)



    I commit to pushing you and kicking your butt also when needed. I am right there with you! We will totally rock it in Melbs!!!