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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Beach & My Soul ....

I went to Spoon Bay today ... swimmers on, mineral water and grapes packed. Towel and sunnies in hand.

I walked the beach (dodging the blue bottles) strolled up the rocks to the top of the hill. It was effortless. The old me would never of strolled on a beach -too far, too hard, can't be bothered!
But today the sun was on my skin, salt sea spray cooling me down. Sand under foot.  Perfection!

When I got to the top i stopped. everything stopped. just for a moment the world i was in was perfect.

The waves crashed up against the rocks, white water washed at the base-so far away..white, fluffy bubbles-calling me in the sunshine.

Back on the sand, and into the water. it was so cold, so perfect. It cleansed my soul,cleansed me of the week that's been.

Today i managed to erase the world outside my bubble. to breathe. to breathe deep. to feel.

At home now and I'm delaying showering- to just smell the sea salt, and sunshine on my skin just that little bit longer.

Today i went to spoon bay, and it was bliss!

Me standing on top of the world! - Spoon Bay

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