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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sydney 2013 Color Run !

What a day today was !  5 Km of running/walking.crawling, and rolling! yes i actually saw people rolling on the ground to get more colourful!

it was a fun day - started with a coffee at the Novotel with the Mount Pan girls and off we went to the start line for ...

"The Happiest 5km on earth"

It was hot , there were over 20,000 People.... but it was just so much fun! and i would do it all over again! i came off looking more "dirty" than coloured, but i didn't care i enjoyed it SO much  :) 

BIG thank you to my roadie today - My Mum. Thank you for the support, the hugs, the photos (yet to be downloaded) and the company. Love you mum xxxx

Here's a few snaps from my plastic covered iphone :)

The after shot , The Yellow paint gate , My $9 Kmart joggers got me to the finish line!, The Orange Paint gate
The walk
The Stats


After the first Blue paint gate
The Walkers

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