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Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's in her face...

I embarked on a weight loss effort in 2009 -2010. I was replacing 2-3 meals with Protein shakes.
While i lost 40Kg in this time- it was unrealistic to think i could "drink " my meals for the rest of my life, and of corse i slipped up- became bored and complacent and spiraled back to bad food choices, and eventually put the 40kg back on plus 5kg more!

The thing i LOVE about the 12WBT  is it's good food choices that keep me surprised every week.  i look forward to getting the weekly meal plans, and seeing what the week ahead will be.  everything is fresh food, interesting food, and never boring! i know this time i will be able to loose the weight and more importantly keep it off!

Back in 2009 i started taking photos of my face to show the progress of my weight loss, as i noticed it was in my face you noticed the changed the most. So now I've found my perfect lifestyle change- i want to do the same thing. I've unfortunately thought of this 3 weeks to late- so my first photo from week one is a blown up body shot cropped of my face and a bit blurry! opps! but going forward each month they will be better.

I'm actually really looking forward to see the physical changes,and eventually maintaining the loss. i know i will see it in my new face :)

Happy Thursday!

weight loss on Protein shakes

First week of 12WBT -03.06.12

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