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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Remebering how we used to eat...

Yesterday Bec and i found ourselves out at lunch time, for the first time since starting the 12WBT. "how about subway?" i said.. "I'm sure there was that dude in America that lost heaps of weight eating just subway, wasn't there?"
Flash forward to us sitting in the car outside subway converting Kilojoules to calories... Well 10 min's later ...  the answer is clearly a resounding no! The lowest calorie item at subway was a vegetarian 6inch sub and was over our allowable calorie allocation for that meal! so home we went, and ate some of our 12WBT Lasagna left overs. (yum)

After lunch we sat outside on our deck having a chat and the subject of the calorie intake in subway  came up (which we never really ever ate before) and then quickly turned to fast food we did use to enjoy alot of when we were not giving a second thought to what we were eating we used to eat a heap of crap-and it's no wonder to us that we are in the state we are in. A typical weekend of at home for us would see us eating chips and ice cream, chocolate and pizza... eerrghhh .. it makes me sick just thinking about it now.

Curiosity got the better of us, and we had to know on average on a weekend how many calories we would indulge in. What I'm about to share with you now is horribly disgusting- BUT as part of my transformation i want to be as honest about my lifestyle, because i want to be held accountable for my bad food choices I've made in the past- as much as i holding myself responsible now for the good ones I'm making.

The food of choice to pick on is McDonald's (sorry MacDonald's lovers -you may want to skip the rest of this post) OK -so we all know "Maccas"  is bad for you - there's little to no nutrition in 90% of the food- but no matter what size we are, we all go for the connivance of maccas -and even for some the taste.
When i used to go to Maccas a typical order would be :-
Quarter pounder with cheese -549
Large fries -454
Large Sprite (or diet coke) 210
Large hot fudge sundae - 533
and sometimes 5 nuggets(shared 10 pack with bec) and mayo. -321
Becs  would get :-
Large big mac  -493
Large fries -454
Large coke (or sprite) 232
Large strawberry sundae 411
shared nuggets and mayo. -321

Total calories for my meal ....  2067 Calories
Total calories for Becs meal....1911 Calories

O....M....G !

Now those of you that count calories now that as women we eat 1200 a day... A DAY!  These meals were a dinner or lunch and we were eating almost 2 days worth of calories in ONE MEAL..

The calorie search continued for our favorite snacks.. 
Smiths Original chips - 175gm bag= 914 Calories (!!!!) that's over 3 meals worth of calories!!!
Cadburys boost bar -77gm=402 calories

It just got worse the more we looked for the foods we used to eat... We had to stop looking because it was making us feel sick. The food we were eating had no nutritional value and wasn't making us feel full so we'd eat more. It just all tastes crap that's no good for our bodies. It really made us appreciate the amazing food we've been eating in the past 2 weeks. The new recipes we've learnt to cook, and we are excited to cook for our friends and family.

Even if your reading this and your not doing the 12WBT -i encourage you to look at what your eating, and make good food choices, and FEED your body. listen to what it needs. I know we feel so much better for discovering how bad the food we used to eat was for us. it's made us stronger people, and if nothing it's driven us forward to the new healthy us that is emerging.

Week 3 starts tomorrow - and I'm excited for weigh in Wednesday! I'm going to up my exercise this week as it's the only part I'm not doing so well.

Have a great Monday ! :)

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