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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedensday weigh in & the week that was....

So first things first....

I woke, wee'd and weighed... and a smile was assured- my total loss to date (day 17)

-12 KG !!!


I'm Beside myself with excitement!  it's been a REALLY lazy week to be honest- not much exercise at all. It's an odd thing .. week one i was so sick - yet i was up at 5am every morning exercising .. this week i just can't do it! 

I've got used to the early nights- i go to bed when my body tells me instead of fighting to stay awake to watch 

I'm not going to beat myself up to much - I'm going to hold my head high, rejoice in 12Kg loss, and get on with it. 

Things to work on this coming week are :-
  • Meditation in the morning as well as at night
  • Exercise
  • Organisation
On a side note I'm so looking forward to fitting into more of my winter clothes... only 5kg more and i think I'll be wearing tailored pants again :)

BIG thank you to my lovely work friend Peta for going on my first lunch time walk with me this week. I'm proud of myself for doing it. we walked 1KM in 12 Mins 54 sec! can't wait to be telling you how much I've improved those details :)

I was humbled by my friends on FB and in life this week when i posted about how shocked i was to only drink 100mls of my favorite Shiraz on the weekend... "sad Shiraz" 100mls =200 Cals! arrghhh. i had a little moment of feeling alot of love from my friends the positivity in which they all encourage me. i just love you all for it. i know in coming weeks i will need you all more to lean on xx

A random find this pretty are these vegetables!
Thai pumpkin soup- My favorite meal this week (i think, so hard to choose!)

Peta and My walk this week! looks like we walked so far :)

My Beautiful desk plant from Peta.. i LOVE Hyacinth

Goodbye old glasses- it's been a great 6 years...

Laksa this week... close second favorite.

Prawn Pad Thai ..nom nom  :)

New purchase found in a cute store in Ettalong on the weekend :)
My "sad" 100ml of red wine on Saturday night :(
Without inspiration this change would be a hard one x

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