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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Week That's Been. {A fresh start}

It's been a big week in my world. Last monday it was 7 little days till -Day one.Week one on the 12WBT, and all this happened [in no particular order]

I got the flu
Bec got the mumps [so we thought]
Doctors appointments and blood tests
SD weddings and getting lost delivering them
My Nephew turned 3 [where has the time gone]
Time off work due to not knowing about the mumps & flu
The 12WBT fitness test done and dusted
All the pre season tasks completed
Packed up and moved upstairs in my office for 4 days
Packed up and moved to a new office across the road
Cleaned out my kitchen cupboards
Cooked yummy soup
Ate yummy soup
Lunch & chats with my bestie 
Shopped for 12WBT essentials
Learnt to use a HRM for the first time [sort of]
Exercised for the first time in a year... [yup!]
Got organised for the week ahead
Bought a printer [wooot!]
Cleaned out about 10 handbags that have been used in the past 2 years
Measured myself and took "before" photos
Made a gift for my girl Jess
Got up at 5:30am every morning and drank hot lemon and herbal tea
Went to the flower markets
Watched the sunset on Terrigal beach on Saturday Morning with my wife
Wrote my blog post :)

The week ahead is going to be scary and exciting.full of up's and downs.
If i get through tomorrow i know the rest will be easy. I start my first day in a new office I've never seen- and i start the first day of the 12WBT.

I'll be up at 5am for an hour of cardio before breakie and work.

Look out world Rach V2 is on her way !!

Things that made me smile this week...

Sunrise on Terrigal Beach
My Nikes -ready to go !

Sunday Breakfast with My Girl at home
A photo i took in Germany last year- i posted on Fb to cheer up some special girls today :)

A reminder to keep it real -and give it a go.

Favorite thing we bought this weekend :)

Throw Bouquet from the wedding I made this week.

I'm in the "make it happen" category !

Our chalkboard wall at home with our menus, and tasks list for the week.

A book i found!

My tracker maps the 1km walk i did along the forshore at 7am on Saturday morning :) im proud of myself

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  1. what a week!!! excited to hear how next week goes!!