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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Week Two, Day Two....

I’ve been a bit relaxed in updating my blog. It was a busy week.
So how did my first week go? Well better than expected, but worse than it could of.

I didn’t burn 500 cals a day … and over the long weekend I couldn’t bring myself to make that up either.  But on the plus side- and possibly a more challenging one- I’m happily sticking to the meal plan, and really quiet enjoying it. I’m starting to feel like food is for nutrition and not just forsaking it as “something to do when your bored”

RachV-1 used to eat for the sake of it, and never actually think about what was going in my mouth.  RachV-2 on the other hand is wise to the fact that when there’s something going in- something must go out! …Now I’m not thick or stupid, of corse I’ve always realised that when you eat you must expel. But not necessarily in the way that I’m “getting it” now!
I’m understanding that if I eat 500cals of food I must burn that off through exercise, no amount of couch sitting is going to see me turn from a “king Edward potato to a Desiree Potato”
I plan on going from unhealthy and messy King Edward to a smaller more polished Desiree. Realistic goals!
So my biggest flaws last week were letting my extra early morning get in the way of exercising – but I need to be sensible. Getting up at 5am each day to exercise is fine, but when you have to leave at 4:30am to drive to the Flower Markets- getting up at 3am to exercise is NOT ok… I will work on the exercise.

Speaking of exercise- I asked my self a question this week…. “Will I ever WANT to exercise?”  ….will I ever want to do it so much it’s a NEED that I can’t get through my day without?  A lovely friend of mine Renee pointed out a few things to me in response to this question… and I adore it so much I’ve typed it up and look at it everyday … 

You need to treat it like everything else in your life you don't want to do, but you have to... 

Like washing - if you don’t you have no clean underwear.
Like going to work - if you don’t you can’t save up for cool things like holidays and pay your bills.
If you don’t exercise, you wont be energetic and full of life,
  • your skin wont glow,
  • your hair wont shine,
  • your clothes wont fit,
  • you will have no motivation to leave the couch ever,
  • you will be tempted to eat unhealthy food,
  • you wont get to feel the fresh air on your face

You won’t transform!
No truer words have been spoken… I will want to exercise some day, and I will love it. I just know I will.  
So tomorrow is Weigh in Wednesday and I hopeful to reach my first goal of kissing goodbye to 5kg. One sleep …and I’ll know …

This week I :-
Saw the opening of the new office
Made a mountain of flowers into beautiful arrangements for the new office
Defeated several cupcakes on 2 separate occasions in the office
Defeated birthday cake in the office
Exercised even when I didn't want to 
Got up earlier than I ever have before several days in a  row
Ate amazing food all cooked by Bec :)
Ate a yummy dinner made by Renee :)
Made a new friend in the mirror
Ate dinner with my bestie
Died my hair 
Missed my mum 
Cleaned my home office -so I can actually work in it!
Watched WAY to many episodes of Nikita whilst having a doona day
Enjoyed my life more

 Things that made me smile this week.....


  1. yay you :) :)
    and the quotes from me and welcome pic from Liana - we scored big time on this blog post!!!

  2. I was an am absolute exercise phobe and got nagged into a gym membership by a friend. Amazingly enough, and to my amazement, my body got used to the endorphin rush and the way the exercise got rid of negative energy. It took a couple of months, but then suddenly it wasn't an effort an to go to the gym anymore and I started lOoking forward to it. Stick with it, you're doing so well, the initial weeks are the hardest, getthrough them and you'll be laughing. So proud of you!!! Xoxo Love Little Miss Mummy

  3. you are so right j . thank you xx