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Sunday, June 3, 2012

12WBT Fitness results {honesty moment}

Ok so I'm not excited or proud to be posting these results....but- It's important for me to remember that I've not exercised in around a year -and i did try my best! [ I also figure that the worse they are now the better they'll look when i smash them!]

So this is the first of many fitness tests . done monthly to see my improvements.

  • Walk/Run 1km  -14.33 [aiming for 10 next month]
  • How many push ups in 10 mins -7 [double for next month]
  • Sit ups... well i couldn't even do the first set... Wah! 
  • The wall sit.... 54 little seconds?!
  • Sit and reach not to shabby for someone with my mid section!


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